Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Smoking wacky tobaccy: Abram ben Saddi, brother of Nathan the Jew

Get a load of this:

and the remaining four pages in this pamphlet:

pg. 4

pg. 5

pg. 6

pg. 7

As you can see, this strange document is called The chronicle of the Queen of Hungary, with the mighty acts of George King of England, at the battle of Dettengen; and King George’s psalm of thanksgiving for the victory of his and her enemies written in the manner of the ancient Jewish historians and it purports to be written by "Abram Ben Saddi, brother to Nathan the Jew." It was published in London in 1743, and it mimics the style of the chronicles in the Hebrew Bible.

Abram ben Saddi is a pseudonym for, it is believed, this guy, or perhaps this one.

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